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Logistics Systems

Taiyo Container Logistics Cycle

Maintenance Service

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation has been the leading company in the Japanese FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) industry. As a reliable FIBC manufacturer, providing high quality goods and services for more than 40 years, Taiyo Kogyo has built a strong reputation among major bulk and powder producers in Japan.

Our networking relationship with the companies in the Taiyo group enables us to offer operational management and maintenance services of FIBCs.

Through TDS Corporation, we offer operational management services for FIBCs with its unique bag tracking system.

Through the Taiyo Group Container Service Companies controlled by TDS Corporation, we offer FIBC maintenance services that include collecting, washing and repairing of used FIBCs.
A total of 6 Taiyo-group Container Service plants are located around Japan: Chiba (2 plants), Ibaraki, Aichi, Osaka, Okayama, and Fukuoka. We are able to provide our clients with effective solutions, which speed up the logistics cycle of FIBCs and reduce packaging costs.

We offer a wide variety of FIBCs ranging from single/multi-trip PP (Polypropylene) FIBCs to repairable FIBCs made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate), PE Polyethylene), or CR (Chloroprene Rubber) tarpaulins. Our products are used in chemical, petrochemical, food, animal-feed, pharmaceutical, and mineral industries in Japan.