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Tent Warehouses
Tent Warehouse using a titanium dioxide photocatalyticmembrane that minimizes interior temperature rises

Membrane structures provide many advantages when employed as either permanent or temporary facilities. The Distribution Facilities Division can design and construct efficient, economical and comfortable structures and protective shelters for almost any climate or terrain. The benefits of using membrane for distribution facilities include the portability and ease-of-assembly of the structural materials. Membrane structures can be expanded, dismantled, moved and then reassembled very quickly compared to other building types.

Expandable Tent Warehouse

This flexible warehouse can expand and contract its size to optimally match the size of a cargo and changing workplace environment.

Semi-permanent Tent Warehouse

An all-weather tent warehouse that protects valuable inventories from harsh external conditions over long periods of time.

Workstation -- serving as the core of logistic system.
Move roof

Roof Dome that flexibly moves along laid rails.

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