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Logistics Systems

Cloth Taiyo Container (PP/PE woven fabric FIBC constructed by sewing)

Cloth Taiyo Containers are designed for single or multi-trip uses. This type of FIBC is best suited for limited-time storage and exporting goods. These FIBCs are constructed of PP or PE woven fabrics.

Different types of Cloth Taiyo Containers are available in order to satisfy different
customer needs:

  • UN certified design for dangerous goods.
  • Food contact approved
  • Type-C / Type-D static control designs for uses in explosive dust / gas environments. (In compliance with IEC standard.)
  • Form-stable designs with internal baffle panels for optimizing theshipping load.
  • Variety of inner liners (LLDPE, Aluminum, Conductive,Form-fitted...etc.)

All Cloth Taiyo Containers are in compliance with the recently revised Japanese Industry Standard (JIS Z 1651-2008). JIS prohibits repairs of Cloth FIBCs.

Cylindrical Design

Form-stable Design

Type-C (Static Control)