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MakMax Engineering, Fabrication & Construction

MakMax has used computers to assist in its design engineering since 1970. Today our integrated computer system, called CADEEM, combines all of the elements of CAD, CAM and CAE for reliable control of all operations from design through fabrication. Using the CADEEM system, our design engineers have developed some of the most innovative and functional structures ever built. The data from these projects are now used to make further advancements in membrane structure design.

Mizuho plant
Taiyo Kogyo's Mizuho plant in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, is one of the world's largest and most advanced facilities for producing membrane structures.

MakMax operates one of the world's most advanced and efficient automated facilities for handling and fabricating membrane. Once the engineering data is relayed to the central computer in the fabrication department, the CADEEM system calculates the necessary membrane cutting patterns. The computer compares the size of the membrane material to the finished shape required and decides which patterns will most efficiently produce the desired shape. Once the patterns are cut and matched, the seams are welded by computer-guided welding equipment that automatically adjusts for the effect of the welding temperatures on the membrane material. The finished pieces are then prepared for shipment to the construction site.

Computer directed laser cutter cuts membrane material into the precise patterns required for fabrication.
Computers are often used to engineer tensioned structures, as well as to determine the actual design of the structure and patterns for its component parts.
The Shanghai International
The Shanghai International Circuit Under construction
A crane assists in unrolling of membrane near top of
A crane assists in unrolling of membrane near top of Kitakyusyu Anoh Dome.
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