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Fresh Conditioning Transportation System

Cold Pallet

Roll-box type cold storage container that can be folded when stored.



  • The outer frame is made of robust steel. The special heat insulation sheet with an aluminum-processed surface contributes to high cold storage capacity. Attachment and removal are made easy by the tape binding method. In addition, strong zippers provide excellent workability.
  • Cold Pallet provides light-blocking and heat-insulation effects regardless of the season, and can be used as a cold storage container during the summer and an ordinary container during the winter.
  • Its cushion material protects items such as fruits and vegetables from damage.
  • Easy to attach and remove.
  • The casters enhance work efficiency. When not in use, the pallet can be folded for storage.
W(mm) L(mm) H(mm)
CP-1 740 540 1460
CP-3 790 590 1460
CP-5 1040 740 1460

(Inner size)
Silver color only
The price does not include the outer frame and casters



  • Through transportation of perishable foods
  • Through transportation of refrigerated items for chain stores
  • Transportation between plants or depots
  • General transportations of refrigerated items.