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Stadiums with Membrane Structures for 2002 FIFA World Cup KOREA / JAPAN TM

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The 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan will be held in Japan and Korea in 2002. Twenty stadiums in both countries are scheduled to hold the official games; 11 of those stadiums use membrane structures. Six of the 10 Japanese stadiums have membrane structures, and Taiyo Kogyo constructed the membrane roof for five of those stadiums. Clearly, the membrane is one of the most important materials in architecture.

When you visit the stadiums, you will find that the characteristic translucency of the membrane plays an important role in creating a light and cheerful space.

You can visit some of the stadiums "virtually" on our Web page titled "Stadiums with Membrane Structures."

Introduction of Soccer Stadiums with Membrane Structures
Here, we present the official World Cup stadiums with membrane structures and some potential sites for training camps. Mr. Makoto Takahashi, an architect, visited and interviewed the designers of five official stadiums and one potential training camp stadium. You can see the interviews and further information by clicking the photo of the stadiums.

Stadiums with Membrane Structures Reveal Architecture's Future
"With the advent of light and translucent membrane roofs, outdoor facilities that so far have exposed people to nature began to change to be more like architecture that controls the environment for people," says Mr. Takahashi. "Seeing them, I feel that a space city covered with a transparent dome in science fiction movies or boys magazines is not a dream anymore."

"While I was writing the reports on stadiums with new membrane roofs I asked myself, 'Are the architecture and the facilities losing the boundaries between them and transforming themselves into an environment of peoples' lives and events?' " says Mr. Takahashi.

PROFILE of M. Takahashi

*Mr. Takahashi's reports on the domes are based on his visits to the sites and interviews with the designers, with the cooperation of the people involved with the projects' design and construction.

2002 FIFA World Cup TM stadiums with membrane structures (x5)

Stadiums with membrane structures are potential sites for training camps (x9)