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Fresh Conditioning Transportation System

Jet Shipper

"Cooler, more economical, and more convenient" method of frozen delivery. A brand-new type of frozen shipper born out of the needs of Japanese consumer CO-ops.

Outer dimensions (mm)  : W600 x D380 x H540
Inner dimensions (mm)  : W520 x D300 x H465
Effective capacity (L)  : 70


Change in temperatures in Jet Shipper and conventional shippers

1. The amount of dry ice can be reduced by half.

The amount of dry ice required for 7 to 8 boxes of Jet Shipper equals to that of 3 boxes of conventional Styrofoam shippers filled with dry ice. (If plate-type dry ice is used for quality control.)

2. Inner temperature is maintained at minus 20 °C or lower for nearly a whole day even in summer.

It has been proven by quality inspection measurements that inner temperature can be maintained at minus 20 °C or lower for more than 20 hours even in summer.

explanations of Jet Shipper

3. Reduced distribution cost and improved work efficiency

Though its size is equal to 4 boxes of conventional shippers, Jet Shipper can contain foods to be contained in 7 to 8 boxes of conventional shippers. As a result, more space will be created in the delivery truck, and work efficiency will be significantly improved. If Jet Shipper is carried by a roll box pallet or a dolly, the distribution cost will be reduced to about four-sevenths of conventional shippers.


Aplications of Jet Shipper

  • Transportation of frozen and refrigerated foods
  • Transportation of pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation of frozen foods for Japanese consumer CO-ops
  • Cold storage container for air cargo
  • Transportation for home delivery