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Fresh Conditioning Transportation System

Freezer type driven with a 12V battery


First in industry : Maintains minus 20C even in the summer heat. Allows for frozen transportation by an ordinary vehicle.


1. Strong freezing capacity achieved by the newly developed stirling cooler and vacuum insulation material.

Cross-sectional view of the container material

The stirling cooler for Frozen Cool Cargo is further enhanced than the cooler for the refrigeration-type Cool Cargo. By use of vacuum insulation material in the cold storage container, which offers excellent heat insulation, the inner temperature can be kept at minus 20C even in the summer heat, which contributes to the strong freezing capacity of this small-sized container.

FPSC (Free Piston Stirling Cooler)

FPSC (Free Piston Stirling Cooler) is a system that, unlike conventional compressor coolers, cools the air by the repeated compression and expansion of helium caused by movement of two pistons driven by a small-sized linear motor. FPSC offers excellent temperature control as it is driven by the high-precision inverter control. In addition, helium is used as coolant, which is harmless to humans and does not lead to global warming. This is a cooling system that is eco friendly.

2. Minus 20°C can be maintained even during transport by use of car battery.

Cool Cargo is powered by 12V power supply, which can be taken from household AC power or from a cigarette socket of a vehicle. Temperature can be maintained at minus 20°C with the power, so you dont need to worry about transporting frozen items that require strict temperature control.

3. Enhanced transport efficiency

Frozen Cool Cargo allows for frozen transportation by an ordinary vehicle. As there is no need to purchase expensive freezer vehicles and as room-temperatures items and frozen items can be carried on the same vehicle, this product will contribute to cost reduction and enhanced transport efficiency.


  • Delivery of refrigerated and frozen items by ordinary vehicles.
  • Storage of refrigerated and frozen items.
  • Stocker for refrigerantst.
  • Freezing cabinet for refrigerants