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Fresh Conditioning Transportation System

Freezer type driven with a 12V battery

Cool Cargo turns an ordinary vehicle into a refregerated vehicle.High-performance cold storage container operated by battery power can keep the innertemperature at 3C even when the outer temperature is 30C.

Product Specifications

Frozen Cool Cargo (TC-FZ)


1. Refrigerated items can be transported by an ordinary vehicle.
  • By use of cool cargo, even vehicles without a cold storage system can be used to carry refrigerated items.
  • As room-temperature items and refrigerated items can be carried on the same vehicle, transport efficiency will be enhanced.
  • More economical than purchasing refrigeration vehicles as initial investment and maintenance cost can be kept low.
2. Stirling Cooler is a new cooling system for the next generation.
  • Cool Cargo is equipped with the world' s first mass-produced model of stirling cooler unit (FPSC* Cooling System), which is characterized by its light weight, high performance and high efficiency. This is a CFC-free cooling device utilizing helium as coolant, which is harmless to humans and does not lead to global warming.
  • Cooling capacity of up to minus t35 - 40°C. (minust = difference between outer temperature and inner temperature).
  • A 50mm-thick heat insulation material used in the container keeps the temperature difference with the outer air constant.
  • Easy temperature control is achieved by automatic temperature adjustment function.
No load (idling)
No contents inside.
Ambient temperature: 35°C
Inner temperature: 5°C
Temperature difference: minus T30°C
Power consumption:

*The data should be used only for reference, and the values can vary slightly depending on the conditions and the individual difference between devices.

3. Cost can be significantly reduced as compared to purchasing refrigerated vehicles.

This is an economical system that requires low initial investment.

4. Driven with a 12V battery, and power supply methods are selectable.

COOL CARGO runs on 12V power. Its power supply methods include cigar socket plug and household AC power.

5. Lightweight and compact, foldable cold storage container.
  • Its light weight allows you to bring it to any place. When it is folded outside the car, the size will be reduced to less than half, thus contributing to efficient use of load space. (200N only)
  • Cool Cargo is also suitable for various types of events and for temporary cold storage.