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History of Taiyo Kogyo Corporation


New Birdair, Inc. factory completed in Amherst, New York, USA.

New Helios container Systems, Inc. factory completed in Bloomingdale,Illinois, USA.


Acquires balance of common stock and 100% controlling interest in Birdair, Inc.

Birdair, Inc. and Helios Industries, Inc. consolidate operations and begin operating as Birdair, Inc. in Amherst, near Buffalo, New York, USA.


Taiyo Birdair Asia Pte Ltd. is established in Singapore as a joint venture with to serve the Asian market.


Taiyo Birdair Asia Pte Ltd. opens its Taipei branch office in Taiwan, R.O.C.


Birdair, Inc. acquires Stromeyer & Wagner GmbH. To serve the European market. The new Stromeyer & Wagner GmbH. starts operations in Konstanz, Germany.


Taiyo Kogyo(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is established in Thailand.

Acquisition of Shade Structures Pacific by Birdair, Inc. and renamed Shade Structures Birdair pte Ltd.


Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co.,Ltd. is established in China.


Thai Taiyo Tent Co.,Ltd. is established in Thailand.

Acquisition of Shade Structures Birdair pty Ltd. in Australia by Taiyo Kogyo Corp. and renamed Taiyo Membrane Corporation.

Shanghai Helios International Trade Co,Ltd. is established in China.

Taiyo Birdair Corporation is established in USA.


Taiyo Europe GmbH. is established in Germany.


International Taiyo Trading PTE LTD is established in Singapore.


Taiyo Kogyo (Cambodia) Co.,LTD.

PT.Taiyo Kogyo Indonesia

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